What is So Special About Modern Dads

What is So Special About Modern Dads
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Do you observe that today’s dads have undergone tremendous changes over the past few years and thankfully they have changed for better. In a relatively shorter span of time. modern Dads are nothing less than super dads. They are not just doing exceptionally well on their professional fronts but also gracing the personal fronts and cooperating their wives in almost every aspect of domestic front; be it looking after kids, cooking, doing dishes and laundries with such an ease that is enough to put our patriarch monarchs on shame.

Hence, this term multi tasker is still considered an alien for majority of men and fathers, but many of them are emerging as great examples of superdads who are doing relatively well in every possible arena, even in the unconventional fields such as cooking, designing, and home husbands is an all new concept that today’s modern dads are so proud and flaunting the title of home husband with such an aw-inspiring confidence and stimulating contentment with their own self. This concept though is yet to spread its wings galore our Indian society but in countries like America and western Europe, this concept is already pretty much popular across all these regions and an emerging concept here in India too. Today’s dads work as many hours as possible as our previous generations, but do thrice the childcare and twice the household chores as compared to the dads generations ago.

You don’t need any special occasion to express your feelings of love towards your dad.
Though, in the context of our Indian society, dads are still expected to be the primary providers and bread winners in most of the families, but now they have expanded their boundaries, their arenas and are contributing wholeheartedly in every aspect with utmost efficiency and diligence in terms of everything that is needed to be done to run a household.
It’s actually a challenging time for dads, and for men per say. Being an upholder of the image of bread winner in the eyes of the society, the challenge for a man begins pretty early than society get to realize. All we can do our bit to help our dads to change the face of circumstances by encouraging them, providing advice and encouragement to everything our dads, especially our superstars modern dads so that they can do a good job in both of their incredibly important roles.

Though we can not really confine our dads’s duties and all they do unconditionally for the betterment of their family. Though it’s actually very strange that society doesn’t seem to acknowledge it always. Society talks about deadbeat dads, or bumbling dad humour or they over correct and are calling people “super dads” or we focus on “stay at home dads. The truth is that is hard to be swallowed down to the gut. But there are millions of dads out there and virtually every dad gives and lot and is extremely concerned about his career and the well being of the family, they think and strive harder (I wouldn’t say all of them, but yes, majority of them) and virtually every dad I know care as lot about his career, and earning for the family, and being a really good hands on, involved father.

It is just going other way around, it’s a bit of an echo of what working women were expected to expand their boundaries and multitask every opportunity they get their hands on, try handling balancing and juggling between their professional and personal arenas. So are the dads, doing a bit by bit to expand their arenas that when the time occurs, they wouldn’t mind dining the unconventional hats and jumping directly into the forbidden territories for men since ages, say kitchen, and changing diapers of kids. Though are men are over expected by the society to maintain everything in order and perfection at workplace too.

Today’s dads, modern dads especially wish to contribute even beyond the level of their possibilities and capacities. I think it’s the job of the companies to feel a little better about giving individual and employee’s freedom and maintain such an inclusive atmosphere for bot the men and women. Both the spheres, be it personal or professional are equally important, because any trouble in any of these fronts can influence the other adversely.

The best thing about modern dads is the impressive way through which they juggle and keep themselves involved with kids too while doing other things that matter the most to them and we can’t deny the fact that all the fun and humour, the greater part of it in parenting is there because of our best humourists of the whole wide world.

Daddys are the best! Not up for the debate.