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Do I suggest the best path to my kids or good ones?

This might seem slightly confusing but most of the parents do not want their kids to experience uncertainty or discomfort. This makes them advice their kids the paths that are safe, predictable and practical. On the other hand the best path is the one which is full of challenges, obstacles and disappointment and may lead to failure. Smart parents would encourage their kids to choose the best path.

Do I pay attention to building a strong relationship with my kid or I simply try to have complete control on my child?

If your child obeys your instructions, it does not mean that you are a smart parent. It is because your child is obedient. If you want to be successful in parenting, you should give importance to building relationship with your child and strengthen your bonding.

Do I handle situations positively?

Even if your child is well-behaved and good always, it is possible he or she does something bad like stealing or hitting a friend. It is important you handle the situation in a positive manner and instead of speaking negatively to your child you can show that you are surprised to learn that a good boy or girl does such things.

Do I see my success in making my child successful?

Most of the parents do. Well, instead it is good to define success for yourself as a parent and let your children do the same for themselves.

Do I support my child completely?

Smart parents support and encourage their children even at the time of failure. They say things like I am proud of you, I believe in you, I love you, I am sorry, thank you, and you can do it and so on.

Do I really understand my responsibility?

Parents usually think that giving proper education, teaching their children social etiquettes and shaping up their behaviour are their responsibilities. On the other hand, parents should understand that what they need to do is give their children love and support and provide a good and supportive home environment for them.

Am I a role model for my child?

Parents want their children to be like them and children also watch their parents and want to become like them. Smart parents set an example for their kids and help them become better and successful individuals in future.

Do I pay more heed to what my child is doing or on what he or she is becoming?

Remember, knowing and doing things can make anyone successful temporarily. Permanent success depends on what your child is.

Do I discipline my child with love?

Most parents get annoyed or show their strictness when disciplining children. But smart parents explain things politely and end their talk by reminding their kids how much they love them.

Do I force my child to do certain things?

Smart parents understand that you cannot force someone to become great. They understand that outstanding children make commitment to greatness at one point of their lives. This is the reason why successful parents allow their children to make choices and take the responsibility as well.

If you are willing to raise healthy and prosperous kids, you should ask the above questions to yourself. By doing so you will be able to raise great kids who would grow up to be emotionally healthy adults, rather than habitually angry, discouraged or overwhelmed. This current evaluation will help you shape your parenting style and techniques. You can discuss with your spouse and co-ordinate with him or her to adequately alter your parenting efforts. It is not possible to get answers to all questions at a time, but at least you can make your time together as a family.