3 Fantastic Kigurumi Pajama Designs That You’ll Love

3 Fantastic Kigurumi Pajama Designs That You’ll Love
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Nowadays it is difficult to find a person who has never encountered Kigurumi at least once in his life. Bright, unusual costumes of animals, cartoon characters and fairy-tale characters are loved by both adults and children. Not long ago this type of clothing in our country was positioned exclusively as children’s pajamas, but today many people decide to buy Kigurumi in America as a costume for a party, as well as props for animated or theatrical performances. Despite the fact that Kigurumi is, at first glance, a very simple thing, in order to choose the right costume you need to know some nuances.

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Kigurumi material

Practically all kigurumi pajamas on the domestic market are made of two types of fabric:

  1. Fleece
  2. Velsoft is a classic material for the manufacture of this type of clothing. It was from fleece that the first kigurumi were sewn and in Japan, the homeland of this garment, it is considered the best in all respects. This fabric has many beneficial properties:
  • Good heat retention
  • Does not cause allergies
  • Repels water
  • Keeps shape well.

Velsoft is ajapanese Story: the history of the kigurumiis important. It is one of the common substitutes for fleece, more affordable, but somewhat losing in terms of its properties. Velsoft onesies are not so durable, they keep their shape worse, and they do not keep warm well. For the sake of justice, it is worth noting that velsoft is not as crumpled as fleece and somewhat more pleasant to the touch. If you decide to buy kigurumi for use as a onesie, then, no doubt, it is better to choose a model from fleece, and if the item is purchased as pajamas for a child who is actively growing, then cheap models from velsoft are ideal.

Design and quality

On sale, you can find kigurumi very different designs and designs. Unfortunately, many sellers are misleading buyers by posting in the catalogs of stores pictures of things similar in appearance to the product, but of higher quality and made from an expensive material. Often, not only the cut doesn’t correspond to the picture, but also the quality of the product cheap material is used, the lining is missing, or the tailoring leaves much to be desired. In order not to become a victim of fraud, it is better to buy pajamas in specialized online stores that have a good reputation from customers. A serious seller is always ready to help when choosing a purchase, and will never refuse to provide information about its origin and basic properties.

How to buy pajamas kigurumi?

Size of Kigurumi: A lot of important factors when choosing is the dimension of the onesies. In itself, the product is made in a free cut and will onesies the buyer with any build, and the size should be given a little more attention. The following are the sizes that are sold in our store: S – 155-165 cm., M – 166-172 cm., L – 173-182 cm., XL – 183-190 cm.

Type of material: Another important feature is the one from which the pajama is made. There are three types of material. Further from worst to best.

Velsoft – volumetric, has a very fleecy structure. The main disadvantages are very heat-saving – such a thing is more suitable for use on the street. Quickly rolls down and becomes like an old Soviet toy.

Fleece – suitable option. But just fleece – although this is not velsoft, it is also quite a fleecy material with all the ensuing consequences.

Fleece anti-pilling – ideal: does not roll down, is erased without consequences, does not wrinkle and dries quickly.


All products presented in online store are made from imported materials. The main advantage is the possibility of constant quality control. At the production level, you do not buy an onesie with uneven seams or with elements when one is shorter than the other for example, the part where the legs should be. Agree is not right?! Based on the foregoing, the conclusion suggests itself Kigurumi is not always the right decision.

Why is it better to choose online?

You can order several kigurumi pajamas, and after fitting try to buy only the one, you liked only with courier delivery.  Thanks to a wide network of pickup points and the ability to send pajamas by American Post cash on delivery we can quickly send any onepiece jumpsuit from our range to any corner of the country. You can also avail guaranteed return or exchange on time.

Where to use Kigurumi?

Where and how to use pajamas is a simple question. The lightness of the material allows you to wear it at home at any time of the year. The choice of characters is great, and every member of the family will be able to choose for themselves the little animal to their liking. Also, costumes are ideal for use on any themed parties and parties. An ideal example of this: kigurumi Pumpkin. Attention to the holiday Halloween you provided.

Young people often take photos in onesies and mark their photos on social media. Creative costumes for adults can be used for entertainment at home, or wear them, going to a costume party with friends. Kigurumi onesies are usually made from velsoft or fleece. These fabrics are pleasant to the touch, do not crumble. In this onesies, you can spend the whole day, do household chores and feel very comfortable. Fleece items are more expensive, but stand out for excellent quality. The skin in such clothes breathes, the fabric keeps its shape, and it does not crumble. The velsoft onesies are cheaper, but the uniform keeps worse.

Artists who are fond of wearing kigurumi to fashion shows are the real deal. These costumes are constantly used by children’s entertainment. In some cases, they are purchased for matinees in kindergarten. Such cool cartoon characters will be welcome guests at a children’s holiday.